Lady Scarlett – London Mistress – FAQ


Whether it’s your first time or your 100th time I am happy to see you. You will see from my testimonials that both novice and experienced clients visit me. If you are unsure where to start we can discuss the options and possibilities

Yes if you wish to use a safe word we can. I am normally very good at reading people and have never found a safeword to be necessary, but if It puts you at ease this is not a problem.

The best way to book a session is to send me an email outlining the following:

Hard limits
Any medical details
Dates and times of availability
Length of session required
Any prior experience

I will aim to respond to your email within 24 hours.

Because I need to know you’re serious… this allows me the opportunity to think and plan properly when I know there is a commitment from your side. I don’t turn up and go through the motions, all sessions are unique.

A 50% deposit is therefore required in advance of all sessions except Hardsports. For a session solely involving Hardsports a deposit of £150 is required. This is to prevent cold feet.

All deposits are non refundable.

If you notify me more than 48 hours in advance that you are unable to make the session I will allow you to reschedule this. The rescheduled session must take place within one month of the original booking.

I may, at my discretion, allow you to reschedule if you notify me less than 24 hours in advance but will deduct any fees from your deposit.

You should ensure that you are well rested. Do not drink or use any other substances in advance of our session. This will not be tolerated. Make sure you are clean; showered, teeth brushed, deodorant etc. Anyone entering my dungeon not presented appropriately will immediately be hosed down in a cold shower.

If our session involves anal play please prepare yourself in advance. Use a douche or enema. If you are unable to do this we can do this in session for a fee of £10.

I have medical conditions, am disabled, older, not the best looking etc etc. Is this a problem?

In a word No. I don’t discriminate against anyone who wants to see me. I do request that you divulge and discuss any health concerns so we can work together to accommodate these.

No we cannot. I am a Dominatrix not an escort. I also don’t offer blow jobs, pussy licking or naked face sitting.

I do allow bottom worship and enjoy using your tongue as toilet paper during a hard sports session though.

In a word No. I don’t discriminate against anyone who wants to see me. I do request that you divulge and discuss any health concerns so we can work together to accommodate these.

No. Don’t insult me by asking. I may on occasion offer different prices but will update these on my website/blog.

The remaining balance is payable, in cash, at the start of our session. Or alternatively you may pay in advance via bank transfer.

Yes there are shower facilities and various toiletries for use to freshen up before or after.

Orgasms are a privilege not a right. If I feel your performance has been satisfactory I may allow this.

Yes. 100%. Client confidentiality is a top priority. I may ask if I can take photos during a session but will only do so with your permission. No personal details will be shared with anyone else.

Yes. Apply via my website. A small tribute will be necessary.

Yes. I offer a number of ways you can serve me from a distance. Have a look at my distance service page.

Any available positions will be advertised via my website. There will be strict conditions to fulfil.

Yes absolutely. As long as you are polite and respectful then we can explore your fetish on an equal level.

This isn’t a problem. I derive a lot of enjoyment from someone tolerating pain. This doesn’t have to be extreme levels but we can also have a session without any pain. I have a vast array of interests which do not cause pain and can be explored within a session.