I know a number of you have enjoyed my previous Hardsports blogs so I thought it was time to treat you to another……

“It’s Not Like The Movies”

It’s pretty much the one line I repeat to every new Hardsports sub/slave/fetishist/victim that comes to see me.

There’s a lot of misrepresentation out there in femdom porn, and I think scat porn in particular highlights the differences between movies and real life.

Why’s it so different? Why’s is it so sexy watching it on your screen, pounding away at your hard dick getting thoroughly aroused at the thought of being shit on. Or opening your mouth and swallowing down those chocolate nuggets.

Well firstly Poo smells. And we don’t yet have smellovision porn so you’re missing out on a key component. Shit smells of, well shit. Suddenly your brain kicks into gear and you think uh oh. Your dick goes down a bit.

Secondly in real time sessions people rarely gobble caviar down the way they do in some of the porn you’ve watched. They make it look easy right. Surely it can’t be that bad if they’re chomping away like it’s sweeties. Well shit actually tastes bad. Like shit funnily enough. It’s hard to eat, and it’s hard to swallow. Your whole body tries to resist and your mind has to over power that. Very few people gobble shit down the way they seem to in porn. Most people struggle.

At this stage usually your cock has done a complete runner and deflated into nothing. As you can imagine a very entertaining moment for me!

But I know I’m not exactly selling it right. You’re now thinking maybe it’s not for you.

Well once we’ve identified the reality we can look at why you really want to be a human toilet. Why you feel your purpose in life is to be under my ass, staring up in wonder watching and waiting for that moment your dreams become reality.

It’s the need to serve, to be objectified, to submit to my female superiority. To be degraded and put in your place. To revel in the taboo and take enjoyment from activities that many frown upon. Not to mention the intimacy. And that will all override the bad smell and taste. And even if it’s not right there and then in your session, that’s what will get your cock hard again looking back. Those are the thoughts that will fill your mind.

And that’s before we even consider my enjoyment at your consumption. My delight as you take away a small piece of me as you leave the dungeon and head out into the big wide world. Just imagine smiling to yourself as you sit on the train. Knowing that only you and I know your secret. How private and personal. Leaving a lasting connection between us and giving you wank fodder for many weeks and months to come. An unmissable life experience.

So no it’s not like the movies. Once you get over the initial realisation of that, you’ll understand that it’s far better than you could ever imagine.

So don’t delay. Book your session today and make your dreams and fantasies come true.

You can contact me via my website or email serveladyscarlett@gmail.com

Lady Scarlett

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2 thoughts on It’s Not Like The Movies

  1. Having visited you and sampled the delights I can confirm all the above. Although I already knew the porn versions of poop play were far beyond reality in most cases, and knew I’d struggle, the feelings and the reality of doing it were fantastic while serving you. For me it surpassed the nastiness and became the degradation session I was after. So thank you Lady Scarlett.

  2. I have had hardsports sessions number of times.

    I am always blindfolded. Strangely when blindfolded I struggle to smell the poo.
    When my nipples are teased, my throat gets patched and hungry.

    And every single time these treatments were administered to me, I have been able to effortlessly consume it all. Including on two occasions with double mistress session. It feels really good when your mistress encourages you to gobble up her shit.

    However, on one occasion I went with an escort , very pretty one, what a disappointment is was. She thought hardsports session was to shit in a takeaway container and serve the slave to consume. I couldn’t even bring myself close to the container.

    Thanks for the write up mistress

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