The Peacock Parlour

You may have seen from Twitter posts that I have moved dungeon location. Since mid January I have been based in the fabulous new dungeon, opened by Sir Claire Black, called The Peacock Parlour.

Although there are still some works in progress it’s already a great play space. Plenty of room yet still intimate. Not at all your your stereotypical dungeon space. This is more opulent and welcoming. Decorated in Peacock hues of colour with gothic hints and subtle lighting.

The Parlour is well equipped with bondage bed, cage, suspension points, spanking bench which transfers into a gynae chair type set up, bondage table, stocks and much more. Plus all the implements you could need for all types of session. There’s plenty of room to swing a cat, and a whip. More room means more opportunity to indulge in different types of play. My new fucking machine can be put to good use as can other fun items such as my leather sleep sack.

There’s a huge mirror on one wall where you can watch yourself being plundered by my cock or taking the strokes of my cane. Imagine watching yourself fellate my strapon or see yourself being tightly bound, imagining what nefarious plans I might have for you.

There’s a comfy sofa area where we can have a pre and post session chat or I can recline comfortably while you worship my feet. There’s a small kitchenette for domestic chores and if you perform well I might allow you to make me a nice cup of tea. I certainly don’t do tea making.

There’s also a nice shower space for you to take a hot shower or cold depending upon the scene. Maybe I will hustle you into the bathroom and shave your hair off before deeming you fit for purpose.

Overnight sessions are available where you can be caged and I can have a fabulous night’s sleep in a comfy bed. Or I can put you through your paces. Maybe wake you up at 2am with a jolt of electrics or a glass of cold water thrown on you.

The Parlour’s new website is now up and running:

You can follow developments on Twitter @peacockparlour

There is also a wishlist if you want to contribute to the improvement and development of this great space:

Peacock Parlour Wishlist

Come and see how fabulous this space is. Book your session now.