Calling All Anal Aficionados

The next Sinful Soirée will be held on 30th April and this time the theme will be ass fun with a sprinkling of cum*.

Yes me and three other fabulous purveyors of filth will be tooling up and our big cocks will bring all the boys to the yard. Although if you want to dress up as a girl we don’t mind that either.

Myself, Mistress Manouche, Madam Cruella and Mistress Helen Ryder are ready, willing and able to use and abuse your holes. Whether you’re a novice or a total butt slut we can cater to your needs. We have dildo sizes to suit all, plenty of lube and all the other necessary equipment to violate your holes. Bend over and be a good boy and let us slip it in.

And for those of you in the mood for ‘forced’ bi the Mistresses would love to see you gobble and slurp your way round the circle. All in the name of good old fashioned perversion.

If the sound of this tickles your fancy, or more likely your prostate, and you want to join us for all manner of debauchery you have two opportunities. Our first party is 3-6pm and then a second 7-10pm. Each party is a reasonable £150 payable in advance or £270 for both. Both will be held in the incomparable Hoxton Dungeon Suite.

We also require a maid to assist the ladies for the day and help out with refreshments. You can join us for the whole day for £150.

If you are interested in being the Mistress’s pissoir or want your bum beaten rather than bonked please also apply.

For those sissies among you if you want assistance getting ready beforehand you can join us half an hour before we start for a fee of £25. We will help you dress and do makeup.

To book your space email

*any ‘forced’ bi activity will be undertake in a safe way with protection.

Sinful Soirées

Who doesn’t love a good party?

Well I love a party. The opportunity to gather with friends, have fun, laugh, indulge.

So I have decided to host my own soirées with a twist. This is not a party where you’ll be hanging out in the kitchen. You are more likely to be hanging from a St Andrews Cross or bent over a spanking bench.

My Mistress friends and I will be ready to put you through your paces and you will be providing the party entertainment for our pleasure.

All manner of fun, frolics and debauchery will be on the cards. The only limit is our imagination.

The next party will be on Thursday 16 November and will be held in a Central London Dungeon between 18.30 and 21.30.

The Soirée is suitable for novices/beginners and also those of you who are more experienced. We welcome subs of any orientation and also couples.

You can expect a range of activities such as:

Anal – plugs and fisting
Bondage – rope, cuffs, tape, chains
Breath play
Boot and shoe worship
CP – flogging, caning, paddles, spanking
Double Domme
Electro play
Face Slapping
Forced Bi
Foot worship
Medical play
Nipple torture
Orgasm control and denial
Sensory deprivation

Attending Mistresses may entertain other activities. All play will be within agreed limits.

3 hours of unmissable debauchery where we bring your dreams to life. To make your fantasies a reality you can secure your place for a bargain fee of £125. This is payable in advance.

Dont be shy. Book now and avoid missing out.


“I found the Sinful Soiree party highly professional, well organised and good value. There was plenty of advance information, emails about what to expect, and good directions for finding the venue. In addition I was asked about my own experience and what I hoped would happen. At the party, the Dommes were approachable, but once approached they were strict as a man might hope and they knew what they were doing. The dungeon was clean, comfortable and well-equipped- and believe me the equipment was fully utilised. Four Dommes dealing with eight males- some of the men were experienced, others were beginners. My advice is this- before going, sort out in your mind exactly what you want a Domme to do to you. Then when you arrive, just ask. This is the place where it will happen… at the discretion of the ladies of course!” (Mr PL, London)

“This event did what it said on the tin- it was sinful, I sinned, I was punished, I deserved it.” (Anon)