London Mistress – Lady Scarlett


London Mistress


You may have a deep longing; a certainty in your soul that only the comfort of serving a superior goddess can assuage. Or you might be taking the first tentative steps towards your destiny. Either way I can and will help you. My soft controlled power and sensuous dominance will extract from you the potential you are capable.

Very few limits from light exploration. to the extreme. I particularly take enjoyment from strapon play, Watersports and Hardsports, sissy play and ass ruination. I am sadistic at heart and will enjoy and delight in your pain. This doesn’t necessarily mean extreme acts, but I will require you to push yourself to please me. Ultimately I want to get inside your mind and have you beg me to take you further than you dreamed possible.

Give in to a friendly face, a soft, safe pair of hands Every journey starts with a first step. Take yours now.

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