After a couple of weeks of umming and arrrring, I finally plucked up the courage and booked a session with Lady Scarlett. Any fears and doubts I had were erased as soon as I met her, she is very easy to talk to and I felt completely at ease the moment I walked through the door.

I had requested a 2 hour bondage session and that was exactly what I got. Lady Scarlet is quite expert in this area, it was secure and at no point was I in discomfort (well anymore than I needed to be). Lady Scarlett’s repartee during the session was fantastic as well, little comments and giggles really did enhance the whole experience.

One of the key points of the session was I wanted to have a feeling of total helplessness, and boy did that happen. I was tied in a standing position, feet and knees together with wrists tied, first in front of me then pulled up and over my head, they were then secured to the harness around my body, which in turn was connected to the ceiling. A blindfold was added, it was this feeling of exposure that I had never had before. Lady Scarlett was able to circle my body like a shark stalking its prey, letting of little giggles of delight at my situation as she tweaked and slapped parts of my body.

I can not speak more highly of Lady Scarlett, it was an amazing experience, so glad I booked, and so glad it was booked with Lady Scarlett.

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