Well I thought it was about time I did a blog post on my love of poo and hard-sports sessions. Let you get to know this London Hardsports Mistress a little better……

For many years, since being a teenager, I have been known as the poo Queen by family and friends. I am obsessed with toilet habits. I spend a fair amount of time in the loo each day and have no hang ups about where I have a poo. It’s always been confusing to me why people are embarrassed about their normal natural bodily functions. Perhaps I’m not embarrassed because I can go. A lot. Hence my nickname.

I have been know to poo up to 7 times a day. I kid you not. And no that’s not a stomach bug prompting that. That’s up to 7 normal poos. I generally go at least twice a day, if not more, and there’s definitely something wrong with me if I don’t go at all. The first thing I do when I stay somewhere is christen the toilet and yes I’m one of these awful people who will even go on a plane. Talking about poo also prompts me to go. A conversation on Twitter at 11pm the other night re HS sessions saw me visit the loo and as I sit writing this I feel the urge.

Anyway how do we move from being slightly poo obsessed to wanting to go on people and watch them eat it. Good question.

After several years of growth and development with my personal slave I told him one day I was going to poo on him. At the time it was mostly said for effect and I relished the reaction. But there’s something to be said for a Domme who just talks and doesn’t deliver. So one day on holiday I ordered him out of bed. Dragged him to the bathroom, tied him up and peed all over him. This was fairly standard, all bar the restraint. It soon became clear why I had tied him, tightly, as I told him I had another present. I squatted and released my bowels. One large soft stool landed on his chest. Then another which bounced off. I picked it up and slapped it on him and smeared it around. The smell permeated the air and I laughed. A lot. It felt dirty and filthy and liberating. I loved it. Not only did I shit on him, I was having so much fun I made him poo himself in the nappy I had made him wear overnight. And so the fun began.

I used him more and more and the natural progression was making him eat it. Again there’s something to be said for carrying out threats. One day I woke up in the morning and knew it was the day. I tied him tightly to a chair. Sat him up at the table and force fed him spoonful by spoonful. If you haven’t already you can read his account here on Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users/2184990/posts/4553881

(Before you all scream consent violation and complain at how awful I was. He’s attained property status so has consented to whatever I decide to do to him. He knew one day he would be fed and we discussed he would need forcing.)

After these first experiences it was a total no brainer to offer hardsports/scat/kaviar as a pro session activity. I knew how much fun I would have in these types of sessions. Plus I’m not one for judgement given how warped my mind often is. If your kinks are legal and consenting I don’t mind. Who am I to judge if you want to eat scat and who are people to judge me if I want to feed you. I’m not the kink police and have never appreciated being told what I should and shouldn’t do. And it was the wisest decision ever as my love of poo has just grown.

I love the intimacy, knowing someone walks away with part of me inside them. I love the filth and utter debauchery. I love introducing a newbie into this world. Seeing them suffer and endure. Fighting physical and mental barriers. Overcoming to please me. I also thoroughly laugh when the realisation hits that it’s shit and it smells. And not of roses.

I love to try and be inventive with my hard sports sessions and use them to create long standing connections. But if you just want a fast food takeaway rather than gourmet feeding that’s also ok.

But yes it really is all shits and giggles and I will giggle and shit.

Anyway to mark my and your poo obsession I have some treats for you little poo piggies. I am now offering access to my daily poo diary. Via Kik or WhatsApp. Pictures, videos, musings etc. Access is £30 per week.

I’m also offering you distance piggies the opportunity to serve. I’ve developed a package whereby I will send you my delicious kaviar and then have a 20min Skype session where I can instruct you on the consumption.

If you are interested in either of these then please email me:

12 thoughts on It’s All Shits and Giggles

  1. This is not something i’ve ever even been the least interested…cause of all the health hazards/alert flags that obviously abound out there..Plus, not to mention, the obvious apprehension out of sheer grossness and repugnance…..
    But….and this is a very deep but….Lady Scarlet, You make it sound more realistic..and even admissible..from a submissive point of view….i’ve been a sub for over thirty years…i’ve had my own hang ups, outlandish fetishes and experiences, and of course..my well established limits…And this one has always, strongly been one of them…
    Your blog brings me back to a time when an experience with my longest lasting Mistress, back in the late nineties, took place one day…This is a relationship of years, with a built in high level of trust….But hard sports play was never even discussed, even though golden showers and drinking her pee was a common occurrence…Scat, never…Never even discussed, like i said….But one day, She had me in the bathroom ready to give me one of her golden showers, and suddenly she had to do #2….But what she did was just to hold me by my leash before her, while siting on the throne, me on my hands and knees on the tile floor, my face very close to her in between her legs..maybe waiting for..whatever..while she just sat there and did her business…There was never any exchange between us (not even of words) while she did that…Only the smell from her poo while she was relieving herself going up my nostrils, and the sounds of it filling my ears….And this, to me…was one of the most intimate, compelling and disarming experiences, as a submissive, ever lived to this day….Nothing went beyond that…Not even a request, or a command to clean her with my tongue, or anything like that..She just did it herself with the tissue when she was done..All i did was watch, while She did it….Nothing else..
    But….Would i have done it, if she had wanted me to?….Would i have followed through if that day she had decided to make me her full blown toilet slave?
    The answer is….I don’t know……All i remember is that…She meant the world to me back then…The trust, and the personal bond that existed between us became more apparent that day…..But yet..i don’t know..if i really would have…i don’t know..

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