I like to write filth and often tease my slave with my musings. This was a recent one which I’ve adapted slightly for general consumption. Enjoy!


You’re kneeling. Hands tied tightly behind your back. I slap you hard on each cheek and tell you my cunt needs servicing. Forcing your head down between my legs. Telling you bury your tongue deep. Lick up all those those succulent sticky juices which are yours. You don’t need to breath just lick like your fucking life depends upon it.


All you can feel is me grinding your head into my soft wet lips. My hands hard on your head. Buried deep in your hair. The moans and groans spurring you on to do the best job. I tells you it feels amazing. Tell you to keep going. Your chin is dripping and my cunt juices are run down your chest. So juicy and sweet and warm. Your tiny clit is trying to get hard. Straining and bulging in the tight confines of your very restrictive chastity cage.


I moan and twitch. I tell you I need to cum and then be fucked as I toy with the key to your cage which is around my neck. It’s been a long long time since you were released. Since you were allowed to cum. You get excited at the prospect of fucking me.


You double your efforts. Swirling your tongue round my clit. Barely able to breathe. You love to pleasure and please your Mistress. Your Goddess and Owner. It’s your purpose. You make me cum hard. I writhe and shake uncontrollably. As the spasms subside I tell you again I need fucking. Your breath deepens and becomes more ragged at the enticing thought of being inside my soft warm wet pussy. Chin glistening with juices.


You lean back so I can unlock you. I stop you and shake my finger. Laughing. You look confused. “Oh no. I need a real fucking. And that pathetic, tiny clit just isn’t going to do the job.” I pull out a dildo gag and strap it on tight. I force your head down again and guide the dildo into my cunt. Moving your head back and forth in a rhythm. I tell you how good it feels and how stretched it makes me. How much bigger and better than your pathetic clitty. I can feel it deep inside. Banging my cervix. I laugh at the cunt juices pooling at the bottom of the gag and pull your head in deep. Nose buried again so you can barely breathe.


Thrusting your face in and out, rhythmically fucking me, while I mock your pathetic tiny clit that’s not getting anywhere near my cunt today. Or indeed anytime in the near future.

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