Testimonial – Al

Lady Scarlett is a lovely, open minded and adventurous Mistress who is great fun to be with. She clearly loves what she does and a session with her is like being with a kinky girlfriend as much as a professional domme.

To date I’ve had two excellent sessions with Lady Scarlett and I look forward to many more. Fetish and kink aside, we also discovered that we had a shared interest in the theatre so I was delighted and honoured that she accepted my invitation to join me to see a play.

Testimonial – slave s

Visiting a new Mistress for the first time can be a daunting and nerve-wracking experience:
You’ve looked at the website and maybe even her twitter feed………. she looks genuine, but there is always trepidation and often well founded!

Fortunately Lady Scarlett is absolutely the real thing. From initial email contact I found her to be utterly professional but in no way aloof.
I shall not go into detail as to our session activities, but all I can say is it was a rather exhilarating 90 minutes that I won’t forget in a hurry!

Post session, words I would use to describe Lady Scarlett would be, lovely, compassionate, sensuous, cruel, very attractive and no doubt as sadistic as any sane man
could ever wish for if requested.

What more could you want in a Mistress?
Think no more about it and book her, but just be careful what you wish for.

Slave S

Testimonial – Paul

Not often you meet someone so in-tune with your kinks, but that’s Lady Scarlett; inauspicious beginnings, a normal session enquiry on the back of her twitter feed, at first glance same old same old, but then you suddenly as your framing the session you realise this is something out of the ordinary.

Firstly, as has been mentioned, she has an evil sense of humour both in and out of sessions, and her style reflects that this is her, not a characterture, totally real; total serious about her enjoyment; truly respectful of the people she plays with and, at least with my kinks, empathetic in the extreme. Reading both her posts and her friends & subs, it’s clear that those who know her also see this in her.

One of the other things that strikes me, is her natural position is to expect that people are as honest and trustworthy as she is; seeing and expecting the best in people is truly inspiring and not something to be undervalued.

Like some I have goals from our play, due to experience, you always feel hesitant to share them until a level of trust has been established (egos are such fragile things), nevertheless, it felt appropriate to share and the journey started. I have done three major sessions and “a let’s have some fun session”, and the major sessions have always gone further towards the goals with no signs of abating; and while its not been easy, Lady Scarlett is clearly committed to making it happen and gives a whole new meaning to the Sooty and Sweep show as well as clearly missing her calling as a phlebotomist.

As this is for her website, one final comment. If your serious about your kinks and you want to play with someone who is serious about her kinks, you really should play with Lady Scarlett, its an experience that you won’t forget, and you may well realise how ‘false’ some of your previous play partners have been.


Testimonial – Dan

After a couple of weeks of umming and arrrring, I finally plucked up the courage and booked a session with Lady Scarlett. Any fears and doubts I had were erased as soon as I met her, she is very easy to talk to and I felt completely at ease the moment I walked through the door.

I had requested a 2 hour bondage session and that was exactly what I got. Lady Scarlet is quite expert in this area, it was secure and at no point was I in discomfort (well anymore than I needed to be). Lady Scarlett’s repartee during the session was fantastic as well, little comments and giggles really did enhance the whole experience.

One of the key points of the session was I wanted to have a feeling of total helplessness, and boy did that happen. I was tied in a standing position, feet and knees together with wrists tied, first in front of me then pulled up and over my head, they were then secured to the harness around my body, which in turn was connected to the ceiling. A blindfold was added, it was this feeling of exposure that I had never had before. Lady Scarlett was able to circle my body like a shark stalking its prey, letting of little giggles of delight at my situation as she tweaked and slapped parts of my body.

I can not speak more highly of Lady Scarlett, it was an amazing experience, so glad I booked, and so glad it was booked with Lady Scarlett.

Testimonial – Slave Gerry

Dear Lady Scarlett

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful session on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, which was exhilarating and exciting with a nice blend of pain and pleasure. I look forward to our next session together.

Your loving Slave


Sinful Soirées

Who doesn’t love a good party?

Well I love a party. The opportunity to gather with friends, have fun, laugh, indulge.

So I have decided to host my own soirées with a twist. This is not a party where you’ll be hanging out in the kitchen. You are more likely to be hanging from a St Andrews Cross or bent over a spanking bench.

My Mistress friends and I will be ready to put you through your paces and you will be providing the party entertainment for our pleasure.

All manner of fun, frolics and debauchery will be on the cards. The only limit is our imagination.

The next party will be on Thursday 16 November and will be held in a Central London Dungeon between 18.30 and 21.30.

The Soirée is suitable for novices/beginners and also those of you who are more experienced. We welcome subs of any orientation and also couples.

You can expect a range of activities such as:

Anal – plugs and fisting
Bondage – rope, cuffs, tape, chains
Breath play
Boot and shoe worship
CP – flogging, caning, paddles, spanking
Double Domme
Electro play
Face Slapping
Forced Bi
Foot worship
Medical play
Nipple torture
Orgasm control and denial
Sensory deprivation

Attending Mistresses may entertain other activities. All play will be within agreed limits.

3 hours of unmissable debauchery where we bring your dreams to life. To make your fantasies a reality you can secure your place for a bargain fee of £125. This is payable in advance.

Dont be shy. Book now and avoid missing out.


“I found the Sinful Soiree party highly professional, well organised and good value. There was plenty of advance information, emails about what to expect, and good directions for finding the venue. In addition I was asked about my own experience and what I hoped would happen. At the party, the Dommes were approachable, but once approached they were strict as a man might hope and they knew what they were doing. The dungeon was clean, comfortable and well-equipped- and believe me the equipment was fully utilised. Four Dommes dealing with eight males- some of the men were experienced, others were beginners. My advice is this- before going, sort out in your mind exactly what you want a Domme to do to you. Then when you arrive, just ask. This is the place where it will happen… at the discretion of the ladies of course!” (Mr PL, London)

“This event did what it said on the tin- it was sinful, I sinned, I was punished, I deserved it.” (Anon)

Lady Scarlett – London Mistress

London Mistress – Lady Scarlett


London Mistress


You may have a deep longing; a certainty in your soul that only the comfort of serving a superior goddess can assuage. Or you might be taking the first tentative steps towards your destiny. Either way I can and will help you. My soft controlled power and sensuous dominance will extract from you the potential you are capable.

Very few limits from light exploration. to the extreme. I particularly take enjoyment from strapon play, Watersports and Hardsports, sissy play and ass ruination. I am sadistic at heart and will enjoy and delight in your pain. This doesn’t necessarily mean extreme acts, but I will require you to push yourself to please me. Ultimately I want to get inside your mind and have you beg me to take you further than you dreamed possible.

Give in to a friendly face, a soft, safe pair of hands Every journey starts with a first step. Take yours now.