Testimonial – C

I had a fantastic first session with Lady Scarlett. We exchanged emails about what the session could involve, and despite the testimonials and Her reassuring social media presence, I was nervous. From the off I was put at ease; LS is is clearly into what She does, She is authentic, empathetic, intuitive, calm, and very very kinked. I was at ease very quickly, and we began….

As the scene unfolded I felt the familiar nerves build as we approached time for anal play – recent experiences have not been good, and I have had to call a halt as it was painful. LS took the time to warm me up, and when She was inside me, it was just as it should be – amazing, and painless. Having said that, I am sure She would make it uncomfortable if that is what was required for a session. It is probably worth mentioning that at this point I had a shit covered gusset over my nose, and a shit covered finger in my mouth, so I was already very very aroused! Her eyes locked on mine as She fucked me, and I could see that She was in the moment with me, which makes all the difference.

When I left the dungeon I had that floaty feeling that comes from being fucked and used by someone who gets your kinks and cares about sharing something special with Her clients. LS makes a real connection, and there are no airs and graces – just a genuine Domme who loves what She does and does it with flair and artistry!

Bristol Sessions

Bristol I’m coming for you. On Tuesday 27th March I will be available for sessions all day using a fully equipped dungeon.

I will be offering all of my usual session activities, including Hard Sports. (Get in there quick if you want to book that.)

I will be bringing all my fabulous Babes and Horny dildos and there is also a fucking machine available for all of you butt sluts.

Those of you interested in feminisation sessions will need to let me know well in advance so I can bring the necessary items with me.

To mark my first visit I will be offering the following special rates:

1 hour – £150
90 min – £200
2 hours – £250

Additional hours £100

Hardsports will be £175 for one hour.

As per usual deposits will be required for all bookings.

Contact me now to book the time of your life.

Femdom Ball

The Femdom Ball will once again be held in London on Saturday October 6th. Organised by the world renowned Madame Caramel this is an opportunity for superior Goddesses from across the world to come together, network and celebrate our dominance.

There are a number of ways that inferior beings can contribute to my attendance at, and enjoyment of, this simply unmissable event:

1. Purchase my ticket – £60
2. Purchase a couples ticket for my slave and I. Perfect for those desperate cucks among you –  £160
3. You may submit an application to accompany me to the event. You will need a separate slave ticket – £100. I have very high standards which I will expect you to meet.

I will also need to look more fabulous than usual and have decided this year to wear a latex gown. You may send Westward Bound evouchers of any amount to Mistress@Lady-Scarlett.co.uk. I will also consider bank transfers if you wish to contribute this way.

I am also in need of:
A fabulous hotel for my overnight stay
A makeup artist
A hair dresser
Accessories – bag, shoes, jewellery

You can also fund my place at the ladies afternoon tea the following day at a cost of £30.

Those of you who are well behaved and tribute generously, but can’t be there in person, will be rewarded with personal pictures from me and if very lucky a face time/Skype session while I get ready.

Further information on the Ball can be found at http://www.femdomball.com/

Please contact me to discuss options and any application for service:

Mistress@Lady -Scarlett.co.uk

Testimonial – First Timer

If you are a complete newbie like i was and are looking to start your journey in to this world then I can not recommended Lady Scarlett highly enough. She is an absolute professional, putting any anxiety or nerves you may have at ease and thus allowing you to fully enjoy your time together.

From the moment I contacted her with my idea of a role play and what activities I would like to try, to the end of the session where we sat down and she talked to me about what feelings i might experience in the coming hours or days, it was nothing but wonderful. A lady of her word she also contacted me the next day to check up on how I was feeling.

The only down side was that two hours seemed to race by all to quickly and I would have loved to have stayed longer.

Let Lady Scarlett take your hand and lead you in to that place you fantasize about and trust me you will not regret a second.

Testimonial – Strapon Slut

I have had the privilege to serve a number of Mistresses over the years, usually just 1 or sometimes 2 a year, and I have enjoyed just about all the sessions, but I have rarely returned to the same Mistress, mainly to give me different experiences.

Why, I ask myself, is it that I have had three sessions with the wonderful Lady Scarlett in the space of just eight weeks – and a fourth planned for next month?

Firstly, from our email exchanges I quickly realised that she was not a traditional Domme. To start with there was a clear softer side, apparent when I explained that following joint replacement surgery I was not very agile – some Dommes do not want to know – but Lady Scarlett simply said “no problem we work round it”.

It has meant that we have been able to concentrate on pleasures we both have. In each session, Lady Scarlett’s innovations have managed to take me further and further past my perceived limits.

What also distinguishes Lady Scarlett from many other Dommes is that she loves what she does, has a great, but evil, sense of humour, with a delicious but devilish smile and laughter, and it is all fun for her.

She wants you to have fun too, of course, but it is clear that she is very much in charge. She also clearly wants her clients to return, as, unlike any other Mistress I have known, Lady Scarlett encourages keeping in touch via email or text.

I would describe her as a smart, stylish, sophisticated, sexy, sensuous, seductive, savvy, sassy and sadistic siren!!

As she has said, herself, on Twitter, she has beauty, brains and an extremely warped, filthy and perverted mind. Just what a slave needs in his Mistress. She is, however, also a lovely Lady, just the sort of girl you would like to take home to meet mother (just don’t tell mother what she does for a living).

She does not clock watch either as our first session went on for maybe 15 minutes over and then we had a post session chat. I asked Lady Scarlett if she would allow me to take her to lunch after a future session. I was delighted that Lady Scarlett agreed, and we did so following our third session. Over a long and relaxed lunch I was able to confirm what I had already deduced, that Lady Scarlett is really nice and great company.

My search for my perfect Mistress is over. It is just a shame I did not discover Lady Scarlett sooner.

Strapon Slut

Using You For My Pleasure

I like to write filth and often tease my slave with my musings. This was a recent one which I’ve adapted slightly for general consumption. Enjoy!


You’re kneeling. Hands tied tightly behind your back. I slap you hard on each cheek and tell you my cunt needs servicing. Forcing your head down between my legs. Telling you bury your tongue deep. Lick up all those those succulent sticky juices which are yours. You don’t need to breath just lick like your fucking life depends upon it.


All you can feel is me grinding your head into my soft wet lips. My hands hard on your head. Buried deep in your hair. The moans and groans spurring you on to do the best job. I tells you it feels amazing. Tell you to keep going. Your chin is dripping and my cunt juices are run down your chest. So juicy and sweet and warm. Your tiny clit is trying to get hard. Straining and bulging in the tight confines of your very restrictive chastity cage.


I moan and twitch. I tell you I need to cum and then be fucked as I toy with the key to your cage which is around my neck. It’s been a long long time since you were released. Since you were allowed to cum. You get excited at the prospect of fucking me.


You double your efforts. Swirling your tongue round my clit. Barely able to breathe. You love to pleasure and please your Mistress. Your Goddess and Owner. It’s your purpose. You make me cum hard. I writhe and shake uncontrollably. As the spasms subside I tell you again I need fucking. Your breath deepens and becomes more ragged at the enticing thought of being inside my soft warm wet pussy. Chin glistening with juices.


You lean back so I can unlock you. I stop you and shake my finger. Laughing. You look confused. “Oh no. I need a real fucking. And that pathetic, tiny clit just isn’t going to do the job.” I pull out a dildo gag and strap it on tight. I force your head down again and guide the dildo into my cunt. Moving your head back and forth in a rhythm. I tell you how good it feels and how stretched it makes me. How much bigger and better than your pathetic clitty. I can feel it deep inside. Banging my cervix. I laugh at the cunt juices pooling at the bottom of the gag and pull your head in deep. Nose buried again so you can barely breathe.


Thrusting your face in and out, rhythmically fucking me, while I mock your pathetic tiny clit that’s not getting anywhere near my cunt today. Or indeed anytime in the near future.

Avoiding Male Entitlement


It’s not often that things annoy me but the male entitlement demonstrated by a number of you is somewhat aggravating. It might not have crossed your mind that your behaviour is frustrating to women or that there is anything wrong with it. But Twitter and Fetlife seems to be littered with vast numbers of you moaning and whining about what you think you’re owed or deserve and aren’t getting.

Me and my friends, both professional and lifestyle, are often bombarded with messages from you saying “I want xyz, I’ve dreamed about it all my life. I need. I deserve. I should have. I don’t want to pay for it. I shouldn’t have to pay for it. I don’t want to pay that much for it. I don’t think you should do abc. And if you do abc you can’t be a proper Domme etc.” At times it feels relentless and it can be wearing.

So here’s some valuable tips to stop you from rubbing us up the wrong way.

Tips when approaching professionals:

* Don’t think the session is solely about you. Even though you are paying I won’t accept a session if it isn’t something I will enjoy or get a kick from. I still expect to control the session and would love you to enjoy it because you’re happy to be serving me.
* Don’t waste my time. Don’t email, message or phone if you don’t intend to book.
* Don’t book and not turn up.
* Don’t ask me questions which indicate you haven’t read my website.
* Don’t ever try to negotiate with me over price.
* Don’t lie to me about experience or medical conditions.
* Don’t complain about, moan about or bad mouth other Mistresses.
* Do pay the deposit requested, do turn up on time, do be respectful and do enjoy yourself.
* Do be polite and respectful.

In return you will find I am very generous with my time and attention. But only when you have proven your commitment to serving me.

Tips when approaching a Mistress on a lifestyle basis.

* Don’t send me an essay outlining all your wants and needs.
* Conversely don’t send me a one liner begging me to do whatever I want with you.
* Don’t use the scattergun cut and paste approach and bombard every Mistress you come across with the same message.
* Do think about what you bring to the table. Explain what you can offer and why we might find you worthy or valuable to have in our stable. Gifts etc are nice but it’s not all about financial gain. Think about what else you can offer.
* Again be respectful and polite.
* Do appreciate us as individuals. We are not the stereotypes often portrayed in porn.
* Do put some effort in to be part of the community. Attend munches, clubs and events. Get out there and get known.

Above all don’t moan and be jealous of those who are in the position you want to be in. They’ve often worked hard for it and put in a lot of time, effort and money. There is no secret way. Once you’ve achieved your goal and place, continue to work hard for it. The effort doesn’t stop. Becoming a sub/slave isn’t the end point.

In short whether a client or someone more lifestyle take a step back and remember you are owed nothing from any Domme, or indeed woman, until you have proven yourself worthy of our time and attention.

Testimonial – Al

Lady Scarlett is a lovely, open minded and adventurous Mistress who is great fun to be with. She clearly loves what she does and a session with her is like being with a kinky girlfriend as much as a professional domme.

To date I’ve had two excellent sessions with Lady Scarlett and I look forward to many more. Fetish and kink aside, we also discovered that we had a shared interest in the theatre so I was delighted and honoured that she accepted my invitation to join me to see a play.

Testimonial – slave s

Visiting a new Mistress for the first time can be a daunting and nerve-wracking experience:
You’ve looked at the website and maybe even her twitter feed………. she looks genuine, but there is always trepidation and often well founded!

Fortunately Lady Scarlett is absolutely the real thing. From initial email contact I found her to be utterly professional but in no way aloof.
I shall not go into detail as to our session activities, but all I can say is it was a rather exhilarating 90 minutes that I won’t forget in a hurry!

Post session, words I would use to describe Lady Scarlett would be, lovely, compassionate, sensuous, cruel, very attractive and no doubt as sadistic as any sane man
could ever wish for if requested.

What more could you want in a Mistress?
Think no more about it and book her, but just be careful what you wish for.

Slave S

Testimonial – Paul

Not often you meet someone so in-tune with your kinks, but that’s Lady Scarlett; inauspicious beginnings, a normal session enquiry on the back of her twitter feed, at first glance same old same old, but then you suddenly as your framing the session you realise this is something out of the ordinary.

Firstly, as has been mentioned, she has an evil sense of humour both in and out of sessions, and her style reflects that this is her, not a characterture, totally real; total serious about her enjoyment; truly respectful of the people she plays with and, at least with my kinks, empathetic in the extreme. Reading both her posts and her friends & subs, it’s clear that those who know her also see this in her.

One of the other things that strikes me, is her natural position is to expect that people are as honest and trustworthy as she is; seeing and expecting the best in people is truly inspiring and not something to be undervalued.

Like some I have goals from our play, due to experience, you always feel hesitant to share them until a level of trust has been established (egos are such fragile things), nevertheless, it felt appropriate to share and the journey started. I have done three major sessions and “a let’s have some fun session”, and the major sessions have always gone further towards the goals with no signs of abating; and while its not been easy, Lady Scarlett is clearly committed to making it happen and gives a whole new meaning to the Sooty and Sweep show as well as clearly missing her calling as a phlebotomist.

As this is for her website, one final comment. If your serious about your kinks and you want to play with someone who is serious about her kinks, you really should play with Lady Scarlett, its an experience that you won’t forget, and you may well realise how ‘false’ some of your previous play partners have been.